Ceviche Restaurant – Peruvian Restaurant in London

Ceviche Restaurant opened in Soho in early 2012, bringing fashionable Peruvian cuisine to London. Ceviche was swiftly followed by Sushisamba in The City and later Coya in Mayfair.

The menu includes the Peruvian favourite Ceviche, salads with quinoa, hot Peruvian giant corn choclos, octopus BBQ anticuchos, beef saltados and a host of pisco based cocktails.

Ceviche Restaurant

Ceviche restaurant makes a fun night out in Soho with a buzzy cocktail bar and varied, but light, Peruvian cuisine.

Address: Ceviche restaurant, 17 Frith Street, London, W1D 4RG
Phone: +44  207 292 2040

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7 thoughts on “Ceviche Restaurant – Peruvian Restaurant in London

  1. I had a fantastic time at Ceviche. I also had a fabulous dinner, the food was so fresh and vibrant, something new for the taste buds. The Don ceviche was my favourite, followed by lomo and the beef hearts which were nothing like I expected. They were so tender and delicious, you must try them. Visually the food is very appealing and the flavours that follow are tantalising and refreshing.

    I cannot wait to go back. Ceviche will definitely be a regular destination for me.

  2. I went to Ceviche two days ago and had a quick lunch in the Pisco Bar. The service was great, as they explained me all the delicacies… I end up with a Passion de Ceviche (cocktail made with Passion Fruit and Pisco) just love it… tangy and sweet, with a Cinnamon dust on top. Then I had a Jalea (mix of sea bass, squid and prawns, deep fried with onions and lime dash) superb! and a side dish of rice with giant corn from Peru… great combination of flavours and tastes…

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