Electric Diner and Electric Donuts from Soho House

Soho House has collaborated with Chicago chef Brendan Sodikoff to launch the Electric Diner and Electric Donuts on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, with both restaurants taking inspiration from the chef’s own restaurants in Chicago.

The Electric Diner will have an all-day French-American menu, with highlights including the cheeseburger and the fried bologna sandwich along with a dedicated eggs section. The Electric Diner will be open from 8am for breakfast, with dinner up until 1am on weekends.


Electric Donuts will serve hot donuts and coffee throughout the day from 8am from the foyer of the Electric Cinema. The donuts will be made fresh every morning with alternating flavours each week including Maple Bourbon, Bergamot Orange, Ginger Chew, Mexican Chocolate, and Berry Trifle.


The Electric Diner an Electric Donuts form part of the revamped Electric House members’ club and Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, replacing the Electric Brasserie, and a new contender for the best brunch in London.

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