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Corporate Concierge Services

Bon Vivant's corporate concierge service will help you gain competitive advantage by taking care of your client entertainment and hospitality needs and with your human resource strategy to help to attract, retain and motivate valuable new members of staff and increase employee productivity.

As a concierge service, we free up our clients' precious time, offer them the convenience of use of their own personal concierge and give access to exclusive events or hard to get reservations, among a wide range of other services that we tailor to each client.

Our Clients

Our corporate clients include prestigious companies like Sotheby's as well as companies in the field of law, banking and media, who we advise on their client entertainment and hospitality requirements.

For Your Clients: Marketing Strategies, Client Entertainment and Hospitality

The difference between winning and losing an important contract or client can often be down to the smallest detail. We will offer you a competitive advantage by helping you entertain your clients in the best possible way to make sure they sign with you.

Whether you want the best table at that impossible-to-get restaurant, best seats at Wimbledon, a table at an awards ceremony or the royal box at the Royal Opera House, we can secure just that for you.

  • Gain competitive advantage by offering an additional level of service.
  • Improve client loyalty while attracting new clients.
  • Interact with your clients and learn more about their needs and tastes.
  • Promote your own brand through white-labelled opportunities.
  • We can assist with all your travel, client entertainment and corporate events and hospitality.
  • Offer assistance to your executive assistants and PAs

For Your Employees: Human Resources Strategies

Offering a concierge service to your employees or directors can help you attract, retain and motivate valuable members of staff with extra benefits as part of the compensation package:

  • Retain, motivate and reward valuable members of staff while attracting new talent.
  • Increase employee productivity and concentration.
  • Improve employee loyalty and morale.
  • Improve the work / life balance for your employees.
  • Improve your company's image by demonstrating your commitment to your employees and their free time.

Corporate Concierge Services

We offer bespoke corporate concierge memberships, tailored to your specific requirements. We can offer a membership based structure or  work on a pay per request or pay per project basis. Discover our corporate concierge service offering by visiting the links below:

Personal Concierge Services For Your Employees or Clients

We also work with companies who wish to offer their employees and clients access to our personal concierge services without bearing the full financial cost. If this is of interest to you, we would be delighted to discuss cross-promotional opportunities and ways to offer your clients or employees our services at a preferred rate, as a perk linked with within you company.

Further Information

If you would like further information about Bon Vivant's corporate concierge services or if you would like to become a member, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call 0203 141 3000 or use the contact us page.