Corporate Concierge Services

Bon Vivant’s corporate concierge services will help your company gain competitive advantage by taking care of your client entertainment and hospitality needs.

We can also manage your human resource strategy, helping you attract, retain and motivate valuable members of staff and increase employee productivity.

Corporate Concierge Services: What We Do

Our clients rely on us to help them take care of entertain their best clients.

Whether its securing reservations at that hard-to-get restaurant, best seats at the football or debenture seats at Wimbledon, a table at an awards ceremony or the royal box at the Royal Opera House, our corporate concierge service can secure just that for you.

We can specifically help with:

  • Hotel, restaurant and bar reservations
  • Access to the best tables and hard-to-get reservations
  • Updates on latest openings and current best venues
  • Preferential treatment and benefits at exclusive venues
  • Private dining room recommendations and bookings
  • Source and book advance, last minute or sold out theatre tickets
  • Tickets and boxes for the Opera
  • Tickets, including VIP and hospitality tickets, for music concerts, sporting events and awards ceremonies
  • Access to VIP events in the world of film, music, fashion and TV
  • Conferences, staff incentives and parties

Who We Work With

Our corporate clients include prestigious companies like Sotheby’s as well as companies in the field of law, banking, private equity and media.

We work best with small to medium sized companies or with the top level executives of larger companies, where we can offer a personal, proactive service.

We help our corporate clients with their business travel, client entertainment, team dinners and much more – contact us now to enquire about how our corporate concierge services can help you.

Client Entertainment and Corporate Hospitality

The difference between winning and losing an important contract or client can often be down to the smallest detail. We will help you entertain your clients in the best possible way to make sure they sign with you.

Key Benefits:

  • Have the edge over your competitors by offering an additional level of service
  • Improve client loyalty while attracting new clients
  • Interact with your clients and learn more about their needs and tastes
  • Promote your own brand through white-labelled opportunities
  • Take care of all your travel, client entertainment, corporate events and hospitality needs
  • Improve your company’s image by demonstrating your commitment to your customers and their lives outside of your normal work and interaction with them
  • Offer assistance to your executive assistants and PAs

Employee Benefits and Human Resource Strategies

Offering a concierge service to your employees or directors can help you to attract and retain valuable members of staff with extra benefits as part of the compensation package.

Key Benefits:

  • Motivate and reward indispensable members of staff while attracting new talent
  • Increase employee productivity and concentration
  • Improve employee loyalty and morale
  • Improve the work/life balance for your employees
  • Improve your company’s image by demonstrating your commitment to your employees and their free time

Other Benefits of our Corporate Services

  • Bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements and focussed on excellent personal service
  • Free up your internal resources and time to focus on your core business
  • All your company’s travel, leisure and lifestyle needs catered for in one place
  • Access to a regular newsletter focussing on the best in travel, restaurants and exclusive events, which can be tailored to your needs
  • We are the London experts with global knowledge meaning we can advise you in the best possible manner with a plethora of personal recommendations

Pricing Information

Our corporate concierge services are tailored each company’s specific requirements, based on the number of employees, level of seniority or level of services offered.

We offer flexible payment options including monthly retainers or a pay-per-request structure payable at the end of each month based on your usage.


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Whether you want to use our services for your client entertainment and hospitality needs or with your human resource strategy, contact us now to arrange a chat about your needs.

Email us now for further information.